Meeting ALL your staffing needs—Auctis's core business since day one.

At Auctis, staffing services remain core to our entire business. Our professional teams—through a powerful, basic approach—can quickly and effectively help you focus on your core business by helping you with:
• IT Staffing
• Engineering Staffing
• Clinical/Scientific Staffing
• Business/Executive Staffing

Global approach meets international infrastructure.

Auctis has combined a global approach and extensive international infrastructure to become a reliable partner to today’s US-based businesses, helping them meet the serious, growing challenges of fast globalization, technology innovation and better return to shareholders.
With teams internationally located, we’re able to seek out suitable candidates to support our clients, wherever and whenever they needed in the US. We not only provide suitable professionals with the right mix of work or technical skills; we also focus on business synergy and cultural suitability.
This way, we offer a synergistic combination of required skills along with a business-culture match to the client—all of which ensures a shorter learning curve. Auctis’s frictionless placement process ensures client and professional consultant satisfaction through out the cycle.

A powerful one-two recruiting punch.

Auctis has set the highest standards in providing quality staff resources, each of which goes through a strenuous five-tier selection and screening process. Auctis's recruiting process is two-fold: First, the initial (and most labor-intensive) recruiting steps are accomplished offshore. Second, the final interview and screening of candidate is performed “on-shore.” This offers a combination of lower rates, round-the-clock dedication and quick turnaround in putting the most suitable candidates to work.

Larger challenges, faster turnarounds.

Auctis’s established global recruiting infrastructure is geared to cater to requisitions for even the highest staffing levels—with quick, global turnaround time of 10 hours. For details, see Auctis Global Recruiting Process.

Technology helps us help YOU.

Auctis employs a winning combination of the best professional teams and the latest technologies. Our real-time “Recruiting Process Software” for contingency work force hiring, permanent staffing, and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) costs you NOTHING.

Even better, the application can be custom-tailored for each client’s business needs and process. It can be integrated with any client system for smooth requisition posting, résumé submission, timecards, invoicing, and payments. Clients can create a variety of reports to measure performance and stay on budget—without any extra hassle or expenses.
Today, Vendor Management System (VMS) and Managed Suppliers Program (MSP) have become ubiquitous in the contingency workforce business—due to the ease of its use, centralized approach, leveraging of better prices, and lower administration costs. Auctis has hands-on experience with these technologies in the business-workflow context.
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