Data drives business—and Auctis helps drive your business success.

Nothing’s more important to an organization’s success than focusing on the core business in a dynamic business environment—and ensuring accurate data in highly sophisticated information age.

Optimizing accuracy and speed.

To support critical decision-making, management must keep two important challenges in mind: accuracy and speed in data entry. Auctis’s teams are ready and perfectly equipped to partner with management to meet these challenges head on. Our experience, efficiencies and global network deliver you a wide, cost-effective array of data entry and cleansing services.
We have years of hands-on experience, all supported by our established, state-of-the-art onshore and offshore infrastructure. Our data teams include senior programmers, project managers and data-entry operators using the latest, most powerful hardware and software. Our experts use proven “double-entry” techniques to ensure 99.9% accuracy. And our customizable software also helps validate data accuracy.
Our global infrastructure and hybrid strategy come into play here: business-information gathering, analysis, blueprint and project management are performed onshore—and labor-intensive back-end jobs are performed offshore.

Look to the BPO data experts.

As an emerging industry player, we recognize that more money is being spent on the VALIDATION of data than simple entry. That’s why our teams are flexible and adaptive to address both through both manual and software-based data manipulation. We’re expert-level operators on many software applications, such as VDE+Images (Viking) but we’re also open to use your current tools and software
Auctis’s expert programmers and data-entry teams can import data from any source: scanner, bar-code readers, MICR reader and recognition engines (OCR, OMR and ICR). We offer the following range of cost-effective services:
• Data Entry
• Data Conversion
• Data Cleansing
• Form Processing

A wide range of data type—for a wide range of specialized industries.

We can help with just about ANY variety of data—financials, procurement, sales and human resources, for example. We also serve a wide range of vertical industries, including Banking/Insurance, Healthcare, Consumer and Manufacturing.
Our teams enjoy the full support of expert
programmers and the latest technology. We provide the flexibility of a variety of output formats custom-matched to clients’ existing technologies, including Via FTP Upload, email, ASCII, CD-R, CD-W, MS Access, MS Excel, DBF, and more.
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