Lowering costs, maximizing staffing flexibility and speeding time to market are key benefits that accrue to clients who partner with Auctis during clinical trials. Our clinical trial cosourcing services enable companies to ramp up or down as necessary during different stages of clinical trials without the costs associated with increasing head count and expanding infrastructure.

You may need medical experts with specialized knowledge or skills not resident in-house, temporary additions to staff for special projects or want an overall reduction in staffing costs. With Auctis offshore staffing you save 50% to 80% while deriving benefits from higher quality execution of clinical trials.

With Auctis you maintain control: We source physicians and pharmacists to work on-site or offshore under your direct management in accordance with your standard operating procedures. And your intellectual property stays in-house because our clinical staff log on to your U.S. based systems via secure VPN connections.

Auctis provides the following medical professionals and services throughout the clinical trial cycle:
• Medical Monitors (physicians)
• Drug Safety Associates (physicians, pharmacists)
• Patient Surveys
• Data Entry and Data Coordination 

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