While the size of your sales team clearly has a direct impact on pharmaceutical sales volume, keeping your competitive edge requires a comprehensive approach to maximizing effectiveness across your sales organization. To ensure steady growth in revenue and profitability, industry leaders often look beyond boosting U.S. head count to robust business process improvements including offshore sourcing of human talent.

Welcome to Auctis Virtual Contract Sales Outsourcing Solutions – the U.S. based partner of choice with established offshore operations for smarter pharmaceutical and healthcare sales and marketing solutions.

Unique Focus on Peer-to-Peer Services
Auctis solutions enable flexible deployment of physicians, pharmacists and other specialized medical professionals to support your sales and marketing efforts targeting physicians and patients in the U.S. With superior command of medical material and ability to explain concepts for any audience, our deep pool of professional offshore talent will expand your U.S. target market coverage, enhance the quality and effectiveness of product demonstrations and provide excellent support to your sales team.
The Auctis Difference
Auctis quality solutions are unmatched in the industry. We offer:
Complete operations cycle management by professionals with firsthand experience in pharmaceutical marketing and clinical research
Hybrid (offshore/onshore) service model
Ample pool of English-speaking talent (physicians and pharmacists)
Virtual sales solutions that are 50%-80% less expensive than comparable U.S. talent

Just choose from the following sections to learn more about how YOUR company can benefit from Auctis Virtual Contract Sales Organization:

Hiring the ideal spokesperson for your product
Freeing your sales team to foster relationships with physicians
Getting the most from Internet resources and opportunities
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