Outsourcing is here—embrace it.

Over the last few years, there’s been a serious outsourcing spree across the US business landscape. That’s just one reason the Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) market is growing like wildfire

At the same time, “True Life Cycle” of professional recruiting relationships—call it TLC if you like—is hard to determine. HR and Procurement professionals around the world have continued to debate the exact definition of “recruitment” for years.
At Auctis, we’re trying to clear all that up for once and all.
Offshore plus onshore equals serious, proven success.
We offer two tiers off offshore and onshore infrastructure and tri-tiered recruiting teams—ensuring the complete lifecycle of recruitment. The primary benefit to you: leveraging our well-established infrastructure to customize your recruiting program.

First, our onshore-based team focuses on understanding your needs and goals. Then, we tailor our offshore operations to achieve your goals.
How about:
• Faster “Time to Talent”
• 95%-plus closing ratios
• Higher retention and cost efficiencies
Auctis’s Recruiting Lifecycle Services includes:
• Requisition Management
• Job Posting and Advertisement
• Sourcing—Passive, Active and 3rd-party
• Screening
• Selection: (Managing Interview and Offer process)
• On-Boarding (Adhering with employment policies, Background Check and Drug testing)
• Training
• Reporting via Technology
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