Corporate credit cards—not just for marketing and entertainment anymore.

Commercial credit-card use by corporations is expected to continue its explosive growth. The report “Report Buyer, UK, “Corporate Credit Cards in US” projects that market will expand by a massive 144% from 2004 to 2010. And corporate credit-card use isn’t limited to marketing and entertainment expenses anymore, either; it’s now a common for funding employees’ health (health-services credit card) and payroll (payroll credit card).

This corporate-expense revolution presents a HUGE opportunity for a company’s management to focus on the strategic aspects of their business by developing a concrete outsourcing strategy for Credit Card Administration. Our unique blend of offshore and onshore infrastructure enables you to cost-effectively implement credit-card programs across the enterprise.

Look to Auctis for business-boosting, credit-card outsourcing strategies.
Auctis is your proven, reliable partner for enhancing ROI by streamlining expense operations, spend controlling, transaction monitoring and reporting in each business category. Whether you have technology in place to automate these processes by administering your program or are looking for new technology and services, our teams can align with your strategy
A proven, two-step process.

First, we deploy a dedicated team (offshore and onshore hybrid) using cost-efficient technologies to administer your credit-card program 24/7. Second, our expert business analysts and programmers can help you plan and design the program—with the right technology—and administrate it on your behalf.
Ensuring high quality and timely delivery (for as low as 1/3 the cost), we can optimize your credit-card program by:
• Administering your entire credit-card program
• Enhancing program visibility to employees
• Promoting user adoption
• Coordinating between end user and creditors
• Communicating with end user on your behalf for accurate, timely utilization
• Streamlining reconciliation and expense reimbursement by managing transaction activities
• Compiling and distributing category-wide management reports
• Supporting technology and software applications
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