Two challenges between you and serious help-desk efficiency and savings.

In business, reaching cost-reduction goals includes addressing two huge challenges: efficiency and reliability. At Auctis, we believe in optimizing each client’s operations, processes and profitability—without compromising higher efficiencies and reliability.

Stronger competition, higher offshore demand and the growing emergence of Indian and Chinese currencies are creating new markets (and opportunities). This is a good example of “geographical development without boundaries.” Our offshore help-desk facilities are based in Santiago, Chile and Pakistan, addressing other region’s increasing challenges such as resource depletion, higher iteration, a 68% payroll boost over the last five years in India and the shrinking disparity between the US dollar and Indian Rupee.

More value for your outsourcing dollar.
We can deliver more value per dollar than that offered by resources in other areas and provide you with dedicated teams of trained or even certified help-desk professionals.
Clients can leverage our hybrid onshore/offshore or onshore/nearshore infrastructure to minimize risk and tailor costs to meet unique business objectives and political circumstances. We’ve earned a reputation for helping on small- to medium-sized projects, with focus on the following:
• CRM/ERP: Tier II & III support for Siebel, Peoplesoft and SAP
• Operating System: Microsoft
• Networking Support
• Customized Website Support

Technical help-desk services and infrastructure highlights:

• Choose global outsourcing options as per your need, objective and budget:
  » On Shore (Offsite or Onsite)
  » Hybrid of Onshore/Offshore
  » Hybrid of Onshore/Nearshore
  » Offshore
• Frictionless 24/7 services covered by three shifts
• Dedicated team of trained and certified professionals
• Multi-languages coverage
  » English, Spanish, French and German
• Lower-cost services as compared to India’s “Silicon Valley” due to the strategically located center, with ample resources and lower operating costs
• Customized, flexible reporting
• Flexible contract and innovating pricing structures
• Comprehensive Services Level Agreements (SLA) with multiple escalation options
• Free communication via the following electronic means:
  » Toll-Free Number/Fax
  » Live Web Support
  » Direct Access to clients system via VPN
• Higher governance levels for clients
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