In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the finished product.
As you may already know, Quality Assurance (QA) has become a centerpiece of the fast-evolving technology landscape, especially for more complex, integrated, enterprise-wide solutions, such as SAP and Oracle.
Companies across all industries—including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and financial/insurance—realize that IT investments are only worthwhile if the resulting ERP/CRM Applications are of the highest quality and guaranteed to be able, stable and secure as per set FDA, GMP, HIPPA and SEC standards.
Your goal: QA all the way.
Quality Assurance is a multi-faceted process that expands at each stage of application development, implementation and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Auctis professionals can effectively assist in your efforts for data validation, compliance validation, computer validation and process validation.

We can deliver needed services at any stage of a validation project:

• Design Specifications
• QA Testing
• User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
• Data Migration and Validation
• Performance and Operational Qualifications
• GMP, SOP, FDA, HIPAA and SEC validation
• Documenting the master plan
Enterprise Applications Integration is rapidly becoming a primary objective in corporate America, with a variety of technologies and integrated solutions (including SAP and Oracle) helping companies optimize their capability/production capacity to enhance market share.

Why? ROI!

Auctis professionals share your concerns, too. We work together with you toward efficiency of enterprise and Customer Relation Management (CRM) application platforms/solutions, guaranteeing company-wide access to information—along with seamless business processes. Our teams have hands-on expertise on multiple platforms and solutions, which can be a huge contributing factor to increased ROI.
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