Auctis’ U.S. based Peer-to-Peer Virtual Product Detailing assigns offshore physicians and pharmacists to perform sales, marketing and customer service functions to enhance your operational efficiency and ultimate success. Managed by veterans of the healthcare industry, Peer-to-Peer Virtual Product Detailing is a cost-effective way to enhance the quality and effectiveness of product demonstrations, expand your U.S. target market coverage and provide excellent sales support.

Auctis’ unique peer-to-peer model gives you a competitive edge: We make it possible to engage doctors and pharmacists to detail your products, highlight safety and other features, explain price differentials and perform additional sales functions that increase the probability of making the sale.

Auctis enables you to offer 24/7 access to live physicians and pharmacists for product and service information, tele-detailing and product-specific Web conferences. Our medical professionals are trained in state-of-the-art tele-detail techniques and especially skilled at engaging decision makers and influencing the behavior of healthcare professionals. Beyond our standard training, we select individuals ideally suited to your project and conduct customized training on your operating procedures and FDA regulations.

Auctis Peer-to-Peer Virtual Product Detailing provides a wide range of flexible, cost-effective solutions including:

• Marketing your low-margin products so sales reps can focus on higher- margin products
• Filling specialty coverage gaps and building specialty relationships
• Complete outsourcing of product demo and communications
• Additional channel for increasing awareness for special campaigns & projects
• Patient treatment management campaigns 

Reporting & Analysis  

Auctis provides customized reports with product and market metrics including call frequency, call rotation, per-call statistics, physician feedback, sample utilization, territory and target audience coverage ratios and other valuable information. We supplement these metrics with insights, analysis and recommendations for future tactical and strategic adjustments.

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