Good, fast and high-value: pick any three.

Speed and flexibility are the hallmarks of successful organizations today—as well as they will be in the future. At the same time, the focus has changed from an isolated IT perspective to an overall business approach for optimizing profitability and competitiveness.
Auctis’s Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) utilizes time-tested methodology, tailor-made robust scripts and Mercury BTO, offering companies true business value instead of just IT functionality.
What makes our QA process different?
Our highly skilled professionals have a business-functionality mind-set of business outcomes—instead of applications end functions. They’re well trained and certified by recognized institutions and manufacturers. You benefit from their thorough understanding of the cost of defects at different level of Software Development Lifecycle (SDL).

Auctis’s dedicated QA team integrates with your IT staff AND end- users to enable:

Real definitions of requirements instead of “lost in translation” results. This will help to avoid mid-stream changes and improve coordination between IT and Business staff.
Development of enhanced processes for demand and change management, helping expedite projects and keeping budget growth flat.
Crafting robust, reusable scripts to ensure true automation, along with the incorporation of technologies—such as Mercury interactive tools— enhancing scalability while reducing test cycles, functional bottlenecks and time to market.
Building a repository of bugs and remedies enterprise-wide—for re-using instead of re-building.
Auctis offers a full spectrum of Quality Assurance services to assist you in delivering projects on time, within budget and with better business outcomes:
• Functional Testing
• Regression Testing
• Performance Testing
Our professionals have the hands-on experience you need with a wide range of products from Mercury Interactive, including WinRunner, LoadRunner, Astra QuickTest, Astra LoadTest, QuickTest Professional, Topaz and Xrunner. We assure 24x7 delivery of quality work from day one—with the best prices while meeting your time targets.
Auctis’ goal is to be actively involved as a part of your team in supporting infrastructure and post-production activities for your ongoing success.
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