We focus on the following major fronts:
• Peer-to Peer Virtual Product Detailing
• Clinical Trial Co-Sourcing
• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
• IT Outsourcing (ITO)
• Staffing Services
• Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Raise your returns with the RIGHT outsourcing solutions.
Auctis brings a reliable, customer-focused approach to helping you maximize outsourcing returns. Our experienced, professional teams take the time to personally learn about your business processes (and the technologies involved), helping you raise returns across the board.
Our mission is to build reliable, strategic partnerships to raise client returns and deliver measurable business value through a customer-centric focus on the highest quality standards, innovative pricing strategies and ultra-timely delivery. At each level of our world-class management and staff, we bring passion, integrity, innovation and quality to everything we do.
Our name “Auctis” is derived from the linguistic root “Auctus,” a past participle of “augere” (which, as parts of moderns terms such as “augment,” means to extend, enhance, enlarge, etc.). It’s carefully chosen to represent our corporate goals of helping you grow your business and expand your profitability through effective outsourcing services. Think of us as your company’s recruiting and outsourcing “auxiliary” another related word which is EXACTLY how we want you to think of Auctis.
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